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marina peterson posted a blog post

Stand up for what you believe in!!

lte.jpegAs most of you know, we moved to upstate SC last year.  I am attaching a copy of an lte that I recently wrote and that was published in several local newspapers, including the Greenville Times Examiner.  I thought you would find the response interesting and encouraging!   The same letter will appear soon in the PROJO but I…See More
Sep 3, 2014
Nancy Liu posted a photo
Jun 27, 2014
marina peterson posted a blog post
Mar 21, 2014
marina peterson posted a blog post

Must read article on Common Core!

Please take a look at this article on Common Core.  It is well-written and very clear.  Remember, you will hear a lot of the same words with Common Core and you will have proponents tell you that certain things are included in Common Core... BUT... the definitions have changed!  This is long, but well-worth reading.I especially like the reference to The Little Red Hen Story and how it will change. :-)Click on link below…See More
Mar 12, 2014
marina peterson shared Gene Bodenberger's video on Facebook
Dec 9, 2013
marina peterson posted a blog post

Agenda 21 moving at record speeds through RI! Please watch!

Please watch this video.  This is no longer a whispered rumor.... It's real.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDtCb45Lqt0 Hud just funded Chafee to propagandize to our local towns and communities to ramp this insidious program in Rhode Island... it's frightening and it's been going on for a long time already and gaining momentum... we must stop it!  Please read…See More
Aug 10, 2013
michael kane posted a status
"We need to get active for 2016 elections. And lets go to cicillini's town hall in Bristol"
Aug 4, 2013
marina peterson posted blog posts
Jul 31, 2013
JSS is now a member of East Bay Patriots
Jul 30, 2013
marina peterson posted a blog post

Grassroots Groups for Liberty Shunned by Bristol Parade?

As many of you know, I have moved to South Carolina, which is absolutely great, by the way.You may have noticed that the Grassroots Groups for Liberty float was not in the Bristol Parade this year and I wanted to give you some information on that.The protocol is that once you are participating in the parade, you will be invited back each year until you do not participate any more. At that point, should you want to re-enter, you go the back of the line and re-apply.In March I realized that I had…See More
Jul 11, 2013
Nancy Liu left a comment for Ken Castro
"Welcome to East Bay Patriots Ken! Glad to have you on board.  I hope to meet you at one of our meetings or events. Join us! -We will be meeting at Lil Bear in Tiverton this Thurs. 6/20 at 7pm. We also have movie event planned for next week -…"
Jun 18, 2013
Ken Castro is now a member of East Bay Patriots
Jun 18, 2013
marina peterson posted a blog post

Editorial in PROJO re IRS

OPINION | EDITORIALSWe need answersComments 5Published: 07 June 2013 01:00 AMNearly a month after the Internal Revenue Service admitted targeting hundreds of conservative groups for special scrutiny — specifically those that taught about constitutional government or had “Tea Party” in their names — it remains unclear who exactly was behind that discriminatory policy.President…See More
Jun 8, 2013
Kenny Catalano posted a status
"Hello fellow Patriots !"
Jun 8, 2013
Kenny Catalano is now a member of East Bay Patriots
Jun 7, 2013
Nancy Liu left a comment for Frank Nowak
"Hello Frank, Welcome to East Bay Patriots.  We look forward to meeting you. Our next meeting happens to be tonight, 6/6 at 7pm.  We meet at Lil Bear Restaurant located at 983 Main Rd. in Tiverton (in the dining area behind the glass doors.…"
Jun 6, 2013


Organization of a Teen-Age Republicans Club at East Providence High School 1 Reply

Started by Keith Anderson. Last reply by Larry A. Wilske Aug 26, 2012.


Started by phillip w girard Oct 25, 2011.

Food prices

Started by John McEwing Apr 5, 2011.

East Bay Patriot Graphics 11 Replies

Started by Administrator. Last reply by C. Allen Lommasson May 14, 2010.

washington d.c. 3/20/10

Started by deb byron Mar 22, 2010.

How many zeros in a billion?

This is too true to be funny.

The next time you hear a politician use the
Word 'billion' in a casual manner, think about
Whether you want the 'politicians' spending
YOUR tax money.

A billion is a difficult number to comprehend,
But one advertising agency did a good job of
Putting that figure into some perspective in
One of it's releases.

Remember that a trillion is 1,000 billion.

A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.

A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.

A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate our government Is spending it.

While this thought is still fresh in our brain...
let's take a look at New Orleans ...
It's amazing what you can learn with some simple division.

Louisiana Senator,
Mary Landrieu (D)
Is presently asking Congress for
To rebuild New Orleans . Interesting number...
What does it mean?

Well .. If you are one of the 484,674 residents of New Orleans
(every man, woman, and child)
You each get $516,528.

Or... If you have one of the 188,251 homes in
New Orleans , your home gets $1,329,787.

Or.. If you are a family of four...
Your family gets $2,066,012.

Washington , D. C

Are all your calculators broken??

Building Permit Tax
CDL License Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax (Fed)
Federal Unemployment Tax (FU TA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Tax
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service charge taxes
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Tax (Truckers)
Sales Taxes
Recreational Vehicle Tax
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone FederalUniversal Service Fee Tax
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
Telephone State and Local Tax
Telephone Usage Charge Tax
Utility Tax
Vehicle License Registration T ax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax
(And to think, we left British Rule to avoid so many taxes)


Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago....
And our nation was the most prosperous in the world.

We had absolutely nonational debt...
We had the largest middle class in the world...
And Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

What happened?
Can you spell 'politicians!'

And I still have to
Press '1'
For English.

I hope this goes around the
At least 100 times

What the heck happened?????


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